SHAREit by Lenovo Group Limited

SHAREit by Lenovo Group Limited

SHAREit on vapaa-to-käytä tiedostonjako sovellus Windows OS
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4.1  (1,238 ääntä)
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3.5.0 (Katso kaikki)
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SHAREit on vapaa-to-käytä tiedostonjako sovellus Windows OS. Voit jakaa valokuvia, videoita, musiikkia, tiedostoja, asiakirjoja, ja enemmän välillä kaikki laitteet. Kanssa QR Koodi, jonka PC SHAREit, nopeasti pari puhelimesi PC aloita siirtämällä tiedostoja.

Actual users' questions

Katso kaikki
  • Question: Why can't I download SHAREit on my PC? It is Windows XP and I tried many times doing the same procedure.

    Based on the downloads and system requirements posted on the Internet, the application works on Windows 7 or higher. There was no Windows XP support or functionality. When the application was released, there was the possibility to install it on XP, but since operating systems advanced, the software was updated to support newer ones as well and that's why it lacks Windows XP compatibility.

    • Download page:
  • Question: It worked nice in the beginning, but now it's not opening. Why?

    If you have problems with the application, then I recommend you remove it completely from your computer. To do this, use the Revo Uninstaller to get rid of the applications and its files (temporary files, leftovers, registry items).

    Download page:

    After you install the application, click the FAQ page to see the solutions to most common problems that might arise.

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